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Snow in summer and a hike to Trolltunga


We were not very lucky with the weather so far. It was cold and we had a lot of rain. We drove up to Haugesund and bought a warmer sleeping bag for Christiane. The temperatures in the Norwegian summer dropped close to zero degrees at night, which caught us by surprise.


Three days in Odda

Then, we headed to Odda, where we wanted to hike to the famous Trolltunga. We decided to stay at a local camping ground to have access to a hot shower. Our friend and our guidebook “warned” us to stay in Odda that it would not be so nice and pleasant. However, we really liked the little town. In the end we stayed for three nights. The first day we wanted to hike to Trolltunga. However, it was so cloudy that we decided to cancel the tour and to hike to Buer glacier, which is a shorter hike. The tour was really nice and rich in variety. We had to cross mountain streams, had to climb up shoulders of rocks and in the end we were close to the glacier. Very impressive. The tour is really worth hiking!

Later that day it started raining again and it continued raining until the next day. Therefore, we had to postpone the Trolltunga hike another day. We spent the day walking around in Odda, enjoying great food, chilling and playing games. The weather forecast for the next day was okay, so we were really looking forward to the next day.


Hiking to Trolltunga

We got up at 5 o’clock and the sky was clear and blue. Yes! 22 kilometers were ahead of us. 11 kilometers to the rock and back. The first 1000 meter were the hardest. Steep stairs uphill. That was really challenging. Later, the hike was very nice across rocks and snow fields. Unfortunately, the sky clouded up and the sun disappeared after a few hours. Without taking a longer break we arrived as one of the firsts at Trolltunga. Such a spectacular rock! 700 meters’ free sight under Trolltunga. The feeling to stand so close to the edge was incredible and exciting. Bit by bit people found their way up to the rock and it got crowded. People were waiting in line to get their picture at the tip of the tongue. It was windy and cold up there and after Moritz shot two time lapses we decided to go back. The way back felt so long! The crowd of people churned the snow up and it was not so easy with the contraflow. And the steep stairs in the end of the hike felt like never ending. But we made it! And we were so proud. We really liked the hike and the dramatic view from Trolltunga.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the next week was really, really bad with a lot of rain. As we only had the tent we decided to head back to Denmark the next day. Our time in Norway was great (despite of the weather). We had a lot of rain, but we also had spectacular views, awesome hikes and interesting roads. We want to come back and to explore more of this incredible country!

Before we also went on a hike to the famous Preikestolen.

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norway snow trolltunga rock mountain women lake

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