Let's go to Norway!


After the last exams it is finally time to go to Norway! We saw loads of pictures of waterfalls, fjords and harsh landscapes and now we cannot wait to explore the beauty of the southern part. We took the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark to Kristiansand in Norway. Due to the strong wind, the ferry ride was pretty bouncy. However, the gateway to Kristiansand was really beautiful with all the offshore skerries and little islands.


From Kristiansand to Åmli


From Kristiansand we drove by car to Åmli. The streets were narrow, but the views are incredible. We passed forests, streams and quaint houses. Close to the town, we found a nice camping spot, directly at a lake. The night was quiet and the morning bath was really nice. After breakfast, we decided to explore the local mountain, a huge rock that was steeper than it looked. In line with this, the hike was relatively exhausting. But yet the view from the top was very nice.

Later, we drove to Dalen where we wanted to hike to Rjunkanfossen, a 30 meters high waterfall. The path was really beautiful with passages in the forest and close to the stream. We got to know about the tour in the local tourist information. We read nothing about it in our travel guide, but we really can recommend the hike as a nice afternoon activity. Unfortunately, on the way back to the car it started to rain. And it did not stop for the rest of the day.

Close to Hauge we pitched our tent (while it was raining) and we were very jealous about the other travelers who could stay in the warm and dry car, whilst we had to cook in our little tent.

We continue our trip with some beautiful hike to Preikestolen and the Trolltunga.

Norway river tree stone sky clouds
norway hiking man tree stone sky clouds
norway hiking man tree sky clouds
norway river water tree rock sky
norway lake gras trees flower
norway lake tent car trees camping forest