thailand koh-mak palm-tree beach sand sea hut island
Koh Mak – The quiet getaway


Koh Mak is a small island south of Koh Chang, which is known for its caoutchouc plantations. We bought our tickets to Koh Mak one day in advance in one of the many tourist tour stands. We bought a speedboat ticket which costed us 600 TB per person. There also cheaper ticket from Koh Chang to Koh Mak but then the ferry ride also takes longer. Included in our ticket price was a pick up from the hotel – really convenient.

Arrival on Koh Mak

The Koh Mak pier is right next to a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear water and palm trees. We immediately liked Koh Mak!

At the pier, we were again picked up by our hotel because there is no public transport on Koh Mak. The only ways to get around the island is to rent a scooter or bike at the hotel. A bike is not that bad a choice because Koh Mak is really flat and not as close as hilly as Koh Chang. Koh Mak compared to Koh Chang is also much quieter and almost without other tourists – a perfect place to simply relax for a couple of days.

In the afternoon, we rented a scooter from our hotel and drove a few kilometers to nearby beach where we spend the whole afternoon, reading, walking along the beach and drinking coconut milk. Riding a scooter on Koh Mak is relatively easy because the roads are flat and in great conditions and also traffic is barely existing. So also, perfect for beginners!

Kayaking on Koh Mak

Also on Koh Mak, we went kayaking again and kayaked to a small island in front of the coast of Koh Mak. We took again the scooter and drove through the caoutchouc plantations to a small village in the southwest of Koh Mak. There we rented the Kayak right at the beach and kayaked to Koh Rayang Nai. On the way, it was again very windy again as already a couple of days earlier on Koh Chang. But this time we arrived!

On Koh Rayang Nai, there is a small bay with a beautiful sand beach. We were compeletly alone on the island and spend the afternoon with reading, snorkeling and swimming. Sadly, the underwater world is pretty destroyed around the island.

After two days on Koh Mak, it was already time to move on for us. Next, we were heading to Koh Kood, an island even further south. Oh Kood good we had a great time relaxing and making small day trips.

thailand koh-mak palm-tree beach sand sea hut
thailand koh-mak palm-tree beach sand sea hut island
thailand koh-mak sunset beach sand sea man island
thailand koh-mak hut tree hotel sunset bungalow
thailand koh-mak scooter-tour rubber-plant trees road
thailand koh-mak beach sea water sand coconuts
thailand koh-mak beach scooter palm-tree woman
thailand koh-mak beach water sea kayaking island
thailand koh-mak beach water sea kayaking island man

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