Germany is the country in which we were born and raised. We both come from the north – from near Hanover and from near Husum close to the North Sea.

However, we only discovered Germany as a travel destination a few years ago – but this country has so much to offer. The sandy coasts of the North and Baltic Seas, the Wadden Sea, chalk cliffs, lovely wine valleys, cities worth seeing, wild rivers, lakes, and rugged mountains. Germany is very diverse.

About 83 million people live in the 16 federal states – this makes Germany (after Russia) the most populous state in Europe. Most live in the capital Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and the Ruhr area.

In the north the country is rather flat, in the middle of Germany there are the low mountain ranges, such as the Franconian Forest, the Harz and the Eifel. In the south, the landscape is determined by the Alpine foothills and the Alps. The Zugspitze at just under 3000 meters is the highest point in Germany.

As already mentioned, Germany is a very varied travel destination. No matter whether you like a beach holiday by the sea, hiking in the woods or in the mountains, mountain biking, water hiking, city trips or whether you want to indulge in culinary delights: you can find everything in Germany.


The North Sea and the Baltic Sea border Schleswig-Holstein. At the North Sea you can marvel at the Wadden Sea National Park. The further south you go, the more mountainous it becomes and the climate changes noticeably.

In Saxony we visited the Saxon Switzerland National Park and hiked the Malerweg for several days. We would never have thought that the landscape would enchant us so much. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains should not be missing on any trip to Germany. If you are visiting the vibrant capital of Berlin, the national park is only a few hours away.

Germany has some excellent wine-growing regions where you can go on culinary hiking and wine excursions. In the Alps you can enjoy alpine tours – canyoning, mountain biking and via ferratas included.

In winter there are also very good ski areas where you can enjoy the snow perfectly. But Germany is not only known for beautiful landscapes, but also for cities that are well worth seeing. Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Heidelberg and of course Berlin are absolutely worth a visit and should be included in a tour of Germany.

In any case, we are far from finished exploring Germany and we are still looking forward to many spots that we can discover in our home country. So – if you have travel tips for Germany for us: always bring them on.


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