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Gear Review: Nordisk Passion Five


The Passion Five is the warmest sleeping bag in the three-part premium sleeping bag series from the Danish manufacturer Nordisk. The comfort temperatures of the Passion series range from 15 ° C for the Passion One to over 7 ° C for the Passion Three and down to -2 ° C for the Passion Five.


The Passion Five is currently available in three different sizes. The smallest size is M, which is suitable for people up to 175cm. For taller people, Nordisk has the sizes L and XL, whereby the manufacturer limits size XL to a maximum height of 205cm. In addition to the different sizes, the Passion Five is also available in three different colors – Mood Indigo / Black, Navy / Black and Brown / Black. Nordisk however does not offer a choice of zipper side. The different models are all only available with the zipper on the left side.

The Passion Five has a comfort temperature of -2°C, but according to the EN13537 test it can be used up to an extreme temperature of -25°C.

     M Height up to 175cm
     L Height up to 190cm
     XL Height up to 205cm
Zipper Left
Weight without bag 788g
Weight with bag 812g
Packing Size 37×14 cm
Price ca. 643 EUR

The Nordisk Passion Five is an absolute lightweight with a weight of only 788g without pack sack and 812g including packing sack. And even with the packing size of only 37x14cm, the Passion Five can even keep up with summer sleeping bags. In order to guarantee the highest possible thermal output, Nordisk uses 100% goose down with a mix ratio of 95/5 and a fill power of 800 cuin for the Passion Five. Both the mixing ratio and the fill power are absolute top values when compared to other winter sleeping bags.

Special Details

Thanks to the S-chamber construction of the Passion Fives, Nordisk achieves particularly good heat output on the sensitive sleeping bag sides. Another advantage is that the S-chamber construction does not add any additional weight and that with improved thermal performance. In order to ensure the greatest possible sleeping comfort, Nordisk uses a mummie shape for the Passion Five, which touches the contour of the human body and therefore converges more closely in the foot area. This reduces the air in the sleeping bag and therefore less air has to be heated with the body heat.

An additional warming collar should prevent warm air from escaping through the head opening from the sleeping bag. The hood is therefore equipped with a drawstring to further reduce the escape of warm air.


In order to test the thermal output of the Nordisk Passion Five, we warmed up the sleeping bag and used a thermal imaging camera to see how much heat the sleeping bag emits and where cold bridges occur.

First, we spread out the sleeping bag so that the down can be puffed up properly and maximum isolation can be achieved. To warm up the sleeping bag, we placed three hot water bottles, which we filled with hot water, in the body area of the sleeping bag, as well as a hot water bottle in the head area. We put two glasses between the hot water bottles so that the warm air can be distributed throughout the sleeping bag.

After 15 minutes we took three pictures with the thermal imaging camera in order to see in which areas the Nordisk Passion Five emits the most heat. The blue areas on the pictures mean that they have the lowest surface temperature and the further the color changes towards red, the higher the surface temperature at these points is. However, the images cannot be compared one-to-one, as the temperature range is redefined for each image. You can see this from the three temperature indications on the picture (red = highest temperature, green = lowest temperature, white = average temperature).

As expected, the Nordisk Passion Five shows the greatest heat emission in the areas in which the hot water bottles were placed, as this is where the sleeping bag is exposed to the greatest heat. You can clearly see this on the overall view by the three red spots. The detailed photo of the foot area shows that the sleeping bag emits more heat on the left than on the right. But overall has a great isolation.


The low weight and the small pack size make the Passion Five the perfect companion for multi-day tours. On top of that, you don’t have to compromise on the warmth of the sleeping bag. On the other hand, this comes at a price. In summary, it can be said that the Nordisk Passion Five is an absolute premium sleeping bag for everyone who is planning long tours with overnight stays outside in colder temperatures.


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