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Gear Review: Mountain Equipment CLASSIC 750 – Women


The Classic 750 sleeping bag is part of the Classic series comprising four sleeping bags from the American company Mountain Equipment. Comfort ranges of the models range between 5 ° C for the Classic 300 and -9 ° C for the Classic 1000. The sleeping bags of the Classic series are all available in a unisex version and a women’s version. In our test, we tested the women’s version of the Classic 750 for you.


The Mountain Equipment Classic 750 – Women is available in two sizes, Regular and XL. The regular size is suitable for people with a height of up to 170 cm and the XL version up to a height of 185 cm. In addition, both models offer the choice on which side the zipper should be.

The comfort temperature of the Classic 750 is -5°C and according to EN 13537 temperature specifications, the sleeping bag can even be used in temperatures low as -31°C, which makes it perfect for use on nights when temperatures can sometimes drop below freezing point.


     Regular Height up to 170cm
     XL Height up to 185cm
Zipper Left or right
Weight without bag 1265g (nachgewogen)
Weight with bag
Packing Size 28 x 22 x 20cm
Price 370,37 EUR


With a weight of 1265g including the bag and a pack size of 28 x 22 x 20cm, the Classic 750 is very well suited for longer tours during the cold seasons.

Special Details

To ensure the best possible heat output, the Classic 750 is equipped with sloping box chambers. The sloping boxing chambers also reduce the weight. Furthermore, Mountain Equipment relies on their Lode Lock System, a magnetic closure, to close the thermal collar, which is supposed to prevent unintentional opening. As a further warming feature, Mountain Equipment uses five chambers in the head area, which hold the down filling in place, and two down chambers with generous volume in the foot area.

In addition, Mountain Equipment uses Helium 40 as the outer material for the Classic 750, which makes the outer layer of the sleeping bag water-repellent and windproof from the outside. The down filling is made from 90% duck down.


In order to test the thermal output of the Mountain Equipment Classis 750 – Women, we warmed up the sleeping bag and used a thermal imaging camera to see how much heat the sleeping bag emits and where cold bridges occur.

First, we spread out the sleeping bag so that the down can be puffed up properly and maximum isolation can be achieved. To warm up the sleeping bag, we placed three hot water bottles, which we filled with hot water, in the body area of the sleeping bag, as well as a hot water bottle in the head area. We put two glasses between the hot water bottles so that the warm air can be distributed throughout the sleeping bag.

After 15 minutes we took three pictures with the thermal imaging camera in order to see in which areas the Mountain Equipment Classis 750 – Women emits the most heat. The blue areas on the pictures mean that they have the lowest surface temperature and the further the color changes towards red, the higher the surface temperature at these points is. However, the images cannot be compared one-to-one, as the temperature range is redefined for each image. You can see this from the three temperature indications on the picture (red = highest temperature, green = lowest temperature, white = average temperature).


The three images of the thermal imaging camera show that the Mountain Equipment Classic 750 has no unusual weak points in terms of thermal insulation. What is particularly striking is the very good insulation of the hood, where hardly any heat emission can be seen. Here it seems as if the seams are extra insulated again, as weak points can be seen in the foot area.



The Classic 750 from Mountain Equipment is an excellent sleeping bag for the colder seasons, but also in summer, when travelling to colder regions, the Classic 750 is the ideal companion for people who freeze more easily at night or who like it especially warmer. Only the rather large pack size and the rather high weight make the Classic 750 not an ideal companion for longer tours during the cold season. In return, the Classic 750 is convincing in terms of price


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