Hiking to the bivouac Lech/ Zürs

From Bregenzerwald we drove to Lech, where we started our hike to the mountain “Stierlochkopf”. The hike started close to Lech in a village called Zürs. We had such a muscle ache from the hike in Switzerland and anyhow we had to hike uphill another 1000 meters. That was really hard! I nearly started crying because I thought I could not make it. The backpack was so heavy with food, water, sleeping bag and camera gear. But Moritz was more than supportive and kept pushing me (in a positive way). After a while the muscles habituated exertion and it was easier. Then we also could enjoy the beautiful surrounding again. We saw so many marmots and a big herd of chamois.


The bivouac

Finally, we arrived at our shelter on top of a summit. More than 2000 meters high we wanted to spend the night in a bivouac – not more than a box on a mountain with just enough space for two high sleepers. No electricity, no toilet.

But the view was amazing! So much beauty around our shelter. And no soul around. After dinner, not very tasty pasta with tomato sauce, it started to rumble. Not much later we were in the middle of a thunder storm. We could feel the vibration of the thunder underneath our feet. Luckily the box has lightening arresters. Nevertheless, it was a little scary to feel the power of nature so close. But it was definitely also an adventure we will never forget! Later, when the thunder storm passed by, the moon came out and we went outside to take loads and loads of pictures. Suddenly it felt so calm and peaceful.

Early the next morning we started with the steep climb-down. It felt nearly harder than the way up, because our knees were shaking and the muscles were still sore. We were happy when we were back in Lech to have fresh bread and a hot coffee, before we took the car to our next destination: Klostertal.

Another great hiking trail in the region Lech/ Zürs is the Lechweg of which we hiked the first and the second stage.
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