Via ferrata course in the Montafon

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We have enjoyed hiking for many years – however, we have never tried a via ferrata. We heard so many good things about it. This has to finally change this year! That’s why we decided to do an introductory via ferrata course in the Montafon.

Introduction to climbing

Johnny is our teacher for the day. We meet him in Latschau at the reservoir – the via ferratas higher up in the mountain are still too snowy. The course starts proper climbing exercises – not with the via ferrata. This in another first for us. The most difficult part to find a way to the top. From the bottom it seems so much easier than it really is when you are in the wall. Moritz and I learn how to secure each other and one thing that very quickly is clear to us: trust plays a major role when climbing. We really enjoy climbing the rock, but we also want to learn how to behave on the via ferrata.

Via ferrata for beginners in Latschau

Johnny gives us our equipment and then we start with the course after a short theoretical introduction to the via ferrata. It goes up the rock at an angle and in contrast to the climbing part, you are responsible for securing yourself. We have to get out of our comfort zone and trust the equipment when you sit down in the belt. But we also have a lot of fun climbing safely along the rock. From the top we have a wonderful view of the shimmering turquoise reservoir water and the snow-covered summit of the Zimba. At the end of the via ferrata we whiz down a zip line and then our course comes to an end. Johnny takes the time to recommend a few via ferratas to get you started like the Via ferrata R√∂bischlucht. We are definitely looking forward to our first real via ferrata and are happy that we have clarified all important questions with a mountain guide. 

You can find more information here. Unfortunately, only in German.

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