Stage two of the Lechweg

From Zug to Lech

On the second day we hiked the next stage of the Lechweg. But first we had an excellent breakfast. This time we hiked from Zug via Lech to Warth. The weather report was unfortunately anything but good and shortly after we started, it began to rain. Thick clouds swept across the river and it was really uncomfortable – time to put the raincoats on.

In Lech we briefly considered whether we should stop the hike, but somehow we were not able to do so. So we continued to hike towards Warth. Shortly behind Lech, we met an elderly couple with a cow herd. The cows had to go back into the valley because it was slowly becoming too cold in the mountains. This was a nice picture, as the cows moved comfortably towards the village.

Hiking in the rain

The second leg of the Lechweg leads for most of the way over field paths and later on we went on a small hiking trail, which was unfortunately incredibly muddy and slippery because of the weather. This was a bit annoying and the view was not particularly spectacular during the hike, because the trail mostly ran in the forest and not near the Lech. Finally, after around 3 1/2 hours, we arrived in Warth, where we took the bus back to Zug.

Well deserved: Wellness time

Back at the Hotel Rote Wand it was not to bad at all that it was raining outside. We took the bathrobes and spend some time in the wellness area. The sauna was a dream in the wet-cold weather – and the rest area was lovely for reading and relaxing. After a well deserved time in the wellness area, we went to dinner.

The next morning it was quite a surprise, when we opened the curtains – the mountain tops were covered in snow! Over night it had snowed properly and it was still snowing. Then, we decided to postponed the third stage.

Overall, we liked the first stage of the Lechweg much better than the second stage. But we really want to hike the next stages! Have you gone the way before? What did you particularly like? We are glad about your tips and if it is worth hiking the next stages of the Lechweg.


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