Herbs, bees, wild meadows – beekeeping hike in the Montafon

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We usually do tours that are high up in the mountains. The rockier and more rugged the trail, the better. Since the snow remains stubbornly on the peaks this year, many hiking trails are not yet accessible. But we definitely did not get disappointed.

Herbs, plants and flowers

For this reason, we decided to go on a beekeeping hike in the Montafon. The hike leads from the Baroque church Bartholomäberg to Schruns and leads through wildflower meadows and past quaint houses. 

Another very interesting hike that brings you to the Baroque church Bartholomäberg is the miners’ hike.

Harry accompanies us on this tour and explains what the flower is called, what the surrounding mountains are called, which plants are edible and how to make the most delicious nettle soup. We are amazed at how much there is to see along the way. If you look closely, you can see how lively the meadows are. These are the little things, close around you that you take for granted and do not see any more. It was very nice to have someone point them out to one again – and that with so much enthusiasm that you get completely hooked. 

Beekeeping in Montafon

At the end of the tour we visit Harry’s beehives. We put on a beekeeper’s hat and examine the honeycombs in the beehives – Moritz is even allowed to hold a honeycomb. Harry tells us that about 50,000 bees live in a beehive and that bees are actually very clever little animals. Time flies and after 4 hours the beekeeping hike is already over. Harry patiently answers all of our questions about the flora and fauna of the Montafon. After the tour, we were pleasantly surprised at how interesting such a hike through meadows can be – it certainly wasn’t our last “easy” hike.

You can find a detailed description of our hike with Harry here.

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