From the Flumserberg to the Spitzmeilenhütte and the Weisstannental

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Fortunately for us, the weather forecast has not come true! In bright sunshine we start our two-day hike on the Flumserberg. The mountain railway takes you from Tannenheim up to Prodalp, where our hike begins.

Day 1: From the Flumserberg to the Spitmeilenhütte

From the Pordalp you first go along a forest path, which you can leave after a while and then hike on narrow, very beautiful hiking trails. On the way to the Spitzmeilenhütte you pass the Alpine restaurant Panüöl and the Alpe Fursch. So sufficient possibilities are provided along the way to get a bite to eat. Unfortunately, the weather forecast should be right at some point and it started to rain slightly. After the Alpe Fursch, the only short climb on the way is the one just before the Spitzmeilenhütte, but it is not too long and steep.

Shortly after we arrived at the Spitzmeilenhütte, the predicted weather actually started and hit rained cats and dogs. Now that we had arrived and were sitting in the dry, we could calmly look at the natural spectacle. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and spend the rest of the evening playing board games

Day 2: From the Spitzmeilen hut to the Weisstannental

The next day the mountains were covered in clouds and it was raining lightly when we left. But despite the bad weather, the mood was excellent and so we made our way towards Weißtannen. It didn’t rain all the time, but every now and then it starts to rain. The low-hanging clouds gave the landscape a very mystical atmosphere. At Fransfurggla, we decided to leave the Sardona-Welterbeweg No. 73 because the mountains were still hanging in the clouds and therefore block the view. However, when the weather is nice, the route over the Madchopf is certainly the more attractive route, as you have a great view from up there.

You can find a detailed report on our tour here. Unfortunately, only in German.

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