Finally the hiking season starts again: Spring tour to the Seealpsee

The ski season is over, it is getting warmer in the valley and we cannot wait to go hiking again. But where? Unfortunately, there is still too much snow in the mountains. After some research for hikes that are not so high up in the mountains, we have found a small tour to Seealpsee in eastern Switzerland.


Hiking around the Seealpsee

The hike starts in Wasserauen, where we have parked in the free parking lot. The tour can be done very easily and without much condition – however, on the steep climb to Seealpsee we really started sweating.

After about 300 meters altitude we arrived at the lake. We are surprised how little water there was in the lake, but the view of the surrounding mountains, especially the Säntis, was simply wonderful. And the clear water was just awesome!

We went to the end of the lake and a bit further to get a better view of the Seealpsee. Unfortunately, the trail was relatively quickly inaccessible because there was too much snow, but the view was still wonderful.

Then, we explored a small waterfall, before we decided to go back. This time on the other side of the lake. We took a short rest and then we started the steep descent and went back to the parking lot.

The hike was very nice and with some great views. But because the walk is so easy and the lake so popular, it was pretty crowded on all ways.

But no matter, we are glad that the hiking season is finally starting again. Were you already hiking this year? If yes, where?


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