Far up in the Bregenzerwald – the Winterstaude

We took the cable car from Bezau up to the panorama restaurant Baumgarten. From the roof of the restaurant you have an amazing 360 degrees look on the mountains of the Bregenzerwald. At good sight, you can even see Lake Constance. From the restaurant, we hike uphill to one of the two starting point of the paraglider. It is always impressive to see them take off.


Taking the Hasenstricksteig up to the Winterstaude

From there on a moderate hiking trail leads us to the Stongenalpe. Here you have the possibility to choose between to trail up to the Winterstaude. The fist possibility is a normal hiking trail, which at some point is even a gravel road. The last kilometer of the gravel road is relatively steep. The second possibility is the alpine hiking tail (blue-white) taking the Hasenstricksteig. This trail requires experience, a good hiking technique, free from giddiness and no fear of heights because at some point you are walking over a ridge where it goes down about 100 meters on either side. On these passages, steel robes are installed to which you can hold on. We decided to hike the alpine trail. The trail over the ridge is really beautiful and you have a great view. After the ridge, you continue hiking uphill for a while longer until you reach the summit. We were lucky enough that the sun was shining when we reached the summit so that we could enjoy a nice break.

For the way back, we took the other way. Shortly after the summit, the trail turns in to a steep gravel road for about 1 kilometer. Afterwards, you follow the gravel road until the Mittelstation of the Seilbahn Bezau. Only for a short while the way turns into a smaller trail. On the way, you pass the … where you could stop for some food and cold beverages. After the steep beginning the way is nearly flat until the Mittelstation.


The hike to the Winterstaude has about 400m in altitude difference and the normal hiking trail is a very nice hike for everyone. For the alpine part of the hike, you should really be able to judge your skills and make a responsible decision if you can do it.

For the once that do not want to take the cable car, it is also possible to start and end the hike at the valley station.




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