Damüls Mellau – skiing fun on over 100 kilometers of slopes

About the ski area:

Damüls-Mellau is the largest ski area in the Bregenzerwald and the scope of the 3TälerPass. Here you can experience skiing at its best on a total of 109 km of slopes and ski routes. The Damüls-Mellau ski area offers runs for sporty skiers, easy slopes for beginners, powder snow slopes, a snow park for snowboarders and free skiers and two unique ski tunnels. So, skiing fun is guaranteed for everyone.

About us:

We are Moritz and Christiane from Bregenz and this year we will explore the different ski areas of the 3TälerPass. Christiane only started skiing last year and will start her second skiing season in 2018/2019. This will give you an insight into the ski areas from a beginner’s perspective. Since Moritz has been on skis for a while, he also feels comfortable on steep slopes. He will describe his impressions for more advanced skier.

Our day in the Damüls-Mellau ski area:

Finally, weekend, finally skiing again! The weather was very good – blue sky – and since we had friends (both snowboarders) to visit, we wanted to go skiing all day. So, we decided to go to the Damüls-Mellau ski area.

The Mellaubahn brought us quickly up to the slopes. Since the valley run was open again, our first run was down the valley run all the way back to the valley. The slope was hardly used – pure skiing fun!

After a few more descents on the Mellau side, we skied to Damüls – the sunny side. The view when you come out of the Gipfelbahn is simply breath-taking! The panorama of the surrounding peaks is terrific. In Damüls, we enjoyed the sunny slopes – both we, the skiers, and the two snowboarders were enthusiastic about the good runs.

In the Berggasthof Elsenalpstube, directly at the Uga chairlift, we strengthened ourselves and then we continued the day. The ski area is so big that we have actually only skied most of the slopes once. In the early afternoon, we went back to the Mellau slopes, which were still in very good conditions in the afternoon.

Both sides have wonderful slopes to offer and even after repeated visits it never gets boring. Damüls-Mellau is a great ski area, which we always like to visit with friends.

Favourite slope Moritz:

My favourite slope in the Damüls-Mellau ski area is red slope 12, which starts at the top station of the Elsenkopf lift and ends at the bottom station. Due to the north-facing slope, the rather steep first and last part of the descent is always a challenge.

Favourite slope Christiane:

I have two runs in the Damüls-Mellau ski area that I really like. Both of my favourite slopes are on the Mellau side of the ski area and start at the mountain station of the Wildgunten lift. One is a combination of red and blue slopes. First, you drive from the Wildgunten lift on red slope 25 and then turn left onto blue slope 31. This is where the really nice part of the descent begins, which now leads completely through the forest to the valley station of the Suttis lift. The second descent is the red slope 29, which also leads a lot through forest and also has many changes in incline, which makes the descent very varied.


Our favourite stop in the Damüls-Mellau ski area is clearly the Berggasthof Elsenalpe. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy lunch on the sun terrace in front of a wonderful mountain panorama or you can just lie down in one of the many deck chairs and enjoy the weather and the view.

What is special about Damüls-Mellau:

The special thing about the Damüls-Mellau ski area is definitely the size. Here everyone really gets their money’s worth, no matter whether beginner or advanced skier. If you do not like a slope so much or have driven it too often, you have countless alternatives here, so no one will get bored here.

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