Bödele-Schwarzenberg – skiing with a view of Lake Constance

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About the ski area:

Bödele – a small but fine ski area on the edge of the Bregenzerwald. It is this particular location, the first ski area in the Bregenzerwald coming from the Rhine Valley, that makes Bödele so popular. The Bödele is considered an absolute family ski area, because it has everything to offer for young and old without being overcrowded. The Bödele has 10 lifts with 24 km of slopes and ski routes and is therefore perfect for a relaxed day trip.

About us:

We are Moritz and Christiane from Bregenz and this year we will explore the different ski areas of the 3TälerPass. Christiane only started skiing last year and will start her second skiing season in 2018/2019. This will give you an insight into the ski areas from a beginner’s perspective. Since Moritz has been on skis for a while, he also feels comfortable on steep slopes. He will describe his impressions for more advanced skier.

Our day in the Bödele ski area:

We got up very early and finally managed to be the first on the slopes. For us, that meant rushing down freshly groomed slopes. We started at the Hochälpele lift and then drove towards the Seeblick lift, where in the morning you had a wonderful view of the sea of ​​clouds in the Rhine valley. Afterwards, went back to the Schwarzenberger site, where slope 5 is one of our favourites.

Favourite slope Moritz:

My absolute favourite slope at Bödele is the blue slope 6, which starts at the top station of the Lank lift. The special thing for me about this slope is the idyllic slope guidance, which mostly leads through the forest. Especially when the trees are full of snow, the descent is simply picturesque.

Favourite slope Christiane:

I absolutely have to agree with Moritz here. The blue slope 6 is simply great. What convinces me as a beginner is that it is not too steep, and I can practice my technique very well. In addition, the course of the slopes is super beautiful.


The best stop for us at Bödele was the Meierei Oberlose (dairy farm), diagonally opposite the valley station of the Lank lift. The old dairy is surrounded by trees, which make the location of the dairy particularly picturesque. In good weather, you can enjoy a break on the sun terrace with a view of the slopes. In bad weather, you can also spend your break wonderfully in the cosy interiors of the old dairy.

What is special about the Bödele:

What is special for us at Bödele is clearly the manageability of the ski area combined with the variety of the many different slopes. For this reason, we always like to come to Bödele for a day of skiing.

Diedamskopf is another amazing ski area included in the 3TälerPass, you can find more here.

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