Beautiful two-day hike at Walensee in Switzerland

Weekend tours are our favorite tours – and it is the best time to start on a Friday. Then, the trip always feels like a short vacation and the weekend is particularly long. After the hike in Flumserberg, we chose a two-day hike at Walensee in Switzerland. From Walenstadtberg we hiked to Alp Tschingla and from there, we continued the next day via Lüsis back to Walenstadt.

Always a lake view: from Walenstadtberg to Alp Tschingla

The public transport network in Switzerland is excellent – we notice that again and again. During this hike, it is also practical to take the yellow “Postbus”, ie the bus. From the train station in Walenstadt, it only takes 15 minutes to Walenstadtberg. We get off at the end station (Reha Klinik) and from there, our hike continues uphill on a paved road. We hike about 800 vertical meters up to Alp Tschingla.

On the way, there is also the Paxmal, a peace monument, where we take a short break.

Although it is cloudy, the colors of the flowers and the Walensee glow wonderfully. The view of the valley and the snow-covered Swiss mountains is beautiful.

After about 4 hours, we finally reach Alp Tschingla (1528 m). We had to cross a few snow fields on the way, but that made the tour a bit more varied. On Alp Tschingla, we drink an icecold beer and then we hop into the hot water tub of Alp Tschingla. This is a real highlight – you can take a bath in the fire-heated hot pot with a fantastic view of Walensee and the mighty Churfirsten mountains. We stay in the water until our skin becomes wrinkled and then we have dinner and eat a huge portion of maccheroni with lots and lots of mountain cheese. The meal tastes twice as good after a strenuous hike and the bath.

In the evening, a thunderstorm comes up. Mountain thunderstorms are always impressive and the crack of thunder makes the hut vibrate. We play card games in the cozy living room, drink a schnapps with the hut owner and then we fall dead tired into bed.

Crossing some snow fields
Finally arrived at Alp Tschingla
Enjoying the hot bath at Alp Tschingla
Rain is on its way
Alp Tschingla

From Alp Tschingla via Lüsis to Walenstadt

The alarm clock rings early the next morning. When we are in the mountains, we always want to be outside on time for sunrise, because then, the mountains are always bathed in a beautiful light. We are lucky: the rain from the previous evening has cleared and mystical clouds lie over Walensee and the rest of the valley. The silence around us and in the mountains is particularly beautiful and we simply enjoy the breathtaking view.

After a hearty breakfast and a hot cup of coffee, it’s time to go. We hike through sparse forests and on a broad paths from Alp Tschingla towards Lüsis. When we look back, we can see that the Alp Tschingla and the Churfirsten mountains are in the sun now.

After a short hike, we arrive in Lüsis, where we stop for a hot chocolate at the Lüsis Gasthaus. From there we start with the descent: through forests and past rushing streams, we return to the valley to Walenstadt.

The tour around Alp Tschingla is a great two-day hike for late spring. Thanks to the good public transport connections, the tour can be shortened or extended as desired.

Do you have a recommendation for us which tour we shouldn’t miss in Switzerland? Then we look forward to your suggestions.

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