About Us

Hey and hello – welcome to our homepage packyourthingsandtravel

We are Moritz and Christiane from Germany, currently living in Vorarlberg, Austria. We like traveling and we are photography enthusiasts. We both love travelling and exploring the beauty of our planet. Especially outdoor activities make us happy – hiking, camping, canoeing.

We love the sea and the mountains, warm countries and freezing regions. Local food is always on our list, just as meeting new friends on our way.

2015 we decided that we would like to share our pictures with others. We want to show how incredible beautiful our planet is and we want to inspire others to go out and explore – pack your things and travel! The idea of packyourthingsandtravel was born. Instagram seemed like the perfect media to upload our pictures. We are blown away by how many people follow us by now and it makes us happy that so many users like our pictures.

But sometimes pictures are not enough to tell the whole story. Therefore, we created this homepage. Here we want to show you more pictures and write about our adventures. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and to comment on the blog posts – and we are always happy to get some travel inspiration.

Have a great day

Christiane and Moritz

Christiane Setz

Christiane Setz

Hi, I am Christiane. I made my first travel experiences as a child when my parents took me and my siblings on road trips through Europe. I think I must have caught the fernweh in young ages and never let go off it. Today, I love travelling with Moritz because we both share a passion for photography and outdoor experiences.

Moritz Müller

Moritz Müller

I am Moritz and I was born and raised in Germany. After school I was working one year as a volunteer in South Africa. Since then, I had itchy feet to travel the world. I love being outdoors and take pictures of landscapes. Since Christiane and I met, we are traveling the world together.